Suspended – Too much stuff to write about

April 19

Today I’m giving away, a great many things…

Hi all, I have decided to move so I’m getting rid of too much stuff to post about.  I am afraid I won’t have time to take a picture of it all and post it over the next several months, I have to move too fast to be ready in time.  I’ve found some great recipients for my stuff though,

My family – of course…the sisters get first dibs on everything

My friends – I’ve reached out and although there aren’t that many who want my old junk, I’m trying to match supply with some specific demands there – I might get a few hits

My friends’ kids – I have a few offspring “new apartment” donations happening that I’m really happy about, I set up my first apartment at University with cast offs and vintage and loved that place as much as I’ve loved any home since

My cleaning lady’s church – they have a giant garage sale that funds a breakfast program for kids in their neighbourhood, pretty hard to do better than that

Goodwill – they help you unload your car and I like that they provide employment and are self funding

Garbage – I’ll try and limit the landfill but there is some stuff that no one wants, and I have some toxic waste (paint cans etc.)

I pledge that I will give away at least 256 more things.  That’s how many days there are left in the year.  I plan to give away at least that many things between now and next weekend.

I want to say thanks for all the encouragement, I’ve had such a great time hearing from some of you and plotting my weekly batch of stuff to get rid of.  It was partly this process that helped me finally reach a decision to move and I’m now really excited about it.  Ironically, I want to downsize and simplify on a bigger scale.  It was very interesting and satisfying to start getting rid of stuff and I’m impatient now to just get it all gone.

To that end, I’m looking for a condo with an excellent view, lots of natural light, low maintenance fees and good closets (I still like my shoes, what can I say!).  If you know of such a place, please contact me directly.

April 16 – Jeans, brand new

Apr 16


Today i’m giving away a brand new pair of jeans that I bought in a closing sale from Cassis.  I liked their jeans and thought I’d get a couple of pairs before they were gone forever.  These are boot cut and for some reason way too big for me.  They’re my size but the two pairs I bought at that sale are not wearable.  Maybe that’s why they went out of business,  they couldn’t keep their sizes sorted.  I know that clothing month is over so apologies to those of you who were bored out of your gourd with my clothing cast offs but I had to get rid of these.

They are literally brand new, still with tags.  I’m putting it in the new circles box.

March 31 – the last installment in clothing month – jeans

Mar 31

Today I’m giving away Gap jeans.  I wear jeans a lot, at least two or three times a week.  I usually have a couple of pairs in rotation because I wear them so often.  I am aware that this may reflect a lack of imagination on my part but I came of age in the seventies when they were a uniform.  I love them, I’m comfortable in them and I still think a pair of excellent jeans looks better than an okay version of anything else.  These were a favourite pair that I just wore out. They’re quite thin in the bum and knees and lose their shape by noon.  I know some people are going to think I’m crazy for getting rid of old jeans, since they’re good for any dirty work that needs doing, but they aren’t the only pair of old jeans I have so I’m getting rid of them.

I can’t buy Gap jeans anymore, they changed their fit (or I’ve changed mine?) because I always walk out of that store empty handed.  I, along with many I know, continue the search for perfect jeans.

March 30 – Clothing Month – Ralph Lauren Pants

Mar 30

Today I’m giving away brown Ralph Lauren pants.  I have had them for about 10 years but they haven’t been worn much and they’re a pretty classic silhouette, slim leg, the waste not too low.  It’s hard to look good in brown pants, these have a nice cut and fabric, but I think if they were any other colour I would have worn them more.  I always felt suburban and dull when I put them on.  It didn’t matter what I wore on my feet or on top, it didn’t change the meh feeling as I walked out the door doubting my choice and then living with it all day.

I’m putting them in the New Circles box.  I think some women look beautiful in brown, just not me.

Catching up on Saturday – had a surprisingly busy day.


March 28 – Clothing Month – green leather gloves

Mar 28

Today I’m giving away these well worn, leather gloves with a knit lining.  It’s hard to tell from the colour on my monitor but they’re new leaf green.  It was a big colour for a while and we’re all probably a little tired of it now.  I have had them for about 10 or 12 years and they’re quite well used.  I wore them for three or four winters with a pretty dark grey wool coat and had a finely knit scarf the same colour.  Both the scarf and the gloves have now seen better days.  I haven’t worn them in years and I have a couple of other pairs of gloves that I really like.  I don’t need to keep hanging on to these if they can keep someone else’s hands warm.

They’ve gone to the New Circles box.


March 26 – Clothing Month – more shoes

Mar 26


Today I’m giving away more shoes.  Mine this time.  I have a problem with my feet, they’re always sore, and heels are a real challenge.  I had heard from many people that wedges are much more comfortable so I jumped on the band wagon and bought these about three or four years ago, maybe more.  I tried them around the house and felt crippled by them, I don’t think I ever made it out the front door.  The shoes are so stiff they don’t move so it’s like walking in high heeled clogs (which I did in my teens when my feet were more resilient).  I’m giving them to my neighbour who has better feet and wears the same size shoe as I do.

I would give away more shoes, but my niece is about 5 minutes away from being able to wear them.  She’s growing quickly, so I’m saving a stash for her.

March 25 – Clothing Month – Heather’s shoes

Mar 25

Today I’m giving away a pair of used Nike running shoes, size 8.  I have good friends from Vancouver and their daughter Heather needed a place to stay for an important internship in Toronto last summer.   So, she stayed with me, and was an excellent room mate.  Heather is good company, very well-read, does the dishes, looked after my house when I wasn’t here, and was sweet and thoughtful.  She also made excellent baked fish and was able to keep the garbage routine straight.

She had a wee luggage problem on her return journey and couldn’t fit these in her bag.  She told me to give them away but I had forgotten all about them until today when I was cleaning up a closet downstairs.  I’ll put them in the New Circles box.  They still have some life left in them and they are bound to find a great new owner there.

In case she sees this, Hi Heather, I hope you’re not working too hard!



March 24, Clothing Month – grey scarf

Mar 24

Today I’m giving away this grey, white and black scarf from Right Sleeve.  They’re a promotional products company and they did some great work for us – a few times.  I use the water bottle they gave me every day but I have so many scarves, I just never wore this.  It’s a shame to waste it so I gave it to my friend who was happy to have it.  The front hall closet is getting better and better.

If you need anyone to source a great, branded promotional item, click on the link.  They’re good people.

March 22 – Clothing Month – fake light blue pashmina

Mar 22


Today I’m giving away this pale blue pashmina – not cashmere.  I think I’ve had this for about 15 years.  It pre-dates my trip to India where I bought myself a beautiful real one (or more than one).  You can’t tell by the colour but it’s a pale sky blue, it’s pretty but I have a lot of scarves and I don’t wear this anymore, and haven’t in a long time.

When I was in India, a merchant told me that you should be able to pull your pashmina through your ring and it should never wrinkle.  These are the two tests you must do before you buy to determine the quality of the cashmere.  Good to know.  I miss India and must return.  I didn’t make it to Kashmir nor to the south around Kerala.  It’s good to have a reason to go back.

It’s going in the New Circles box.

March 21 – Clothing Month – Random hat

Mar 21

Today I’m giving away this Desert Rhino Camp baseball hat.  It was left here by a friend who doesn’t want it anymore (tentatively that is, I’m giving him one last chance to claim it).  Desesrt Rhino Camp is in Namibia where you get to stay in fancy tents and see amazing wildlife on safari and around the camp.  I did a similar stay in India at Reggie’s Camel Camp and highly recommend these types of accommodations and experiences.  It’s a little contrived, but you can’t beat the romance of canvas over your head, a good bed, and animal sounds in the night. The hat is not a necessary keepsake though so, despite the charming Namibian dust that has embedded itself into the brow of the hat, I’m giving it away.

It has gone to the Goodwill and perhaps someone will wear it and have daydreams about exotic African species.

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