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April 19

Today I’m giving away, a great many things…

Hi all, I have decided to move so I’m getting rid of too much stuff to post about.  I am afraid I won’t have time to take a picture of it all and post it over the next several months, I have to move too fast to be ready in time.  I’ve found some great recipients for my stuff though,

My family – of course…the sisters get first dibs on everything

My friends – I’ve reached out and although there aren’t that many who want my old junk, I’m trying to match supply with some specific demands there – I might get a few hits

My friends’ kids – I have a few offspring “new apartment” donations happening that I’m really happy about, I set up my first apartment at University with cast offs and vintage and loved that place as much as I’ve loved any home since

My cleaning lady’s church – they have a giant garage sale that funds a breakfast program for kids in their neighbourhood, pretty hard to do better than that

Goodwill – they help you unload your car and I like that they provide employment and are self funding

Garbage – I’ll try and limit the landfill but there is some stuff that no one wants, and I have some toxic waste (paint cans etc.)

I pledge that I will give away at least 256 more things.  That’s how many days there are left in the year.  I plan to give away at least that many things between now and next weekend.

I want to say thanks for all the encouragement, I’ve had such a great time hearing from some of you and plotting my weekly batch of stuff to get rid of.  It was partly this process that helped me finally reach a decision to move and I’m now really excited about it.  Ironically, I want to downsize and simplify on a bigger scale.  It was very interesting and satisfying to start getting rid of stuff and I’m impatient now to just get it all gone.

To that end, I’m looking for a condo with an excellent view, lots of natural light, low maintenance fees and good closets (I still like my shoes, what can I say!).  If you know of such a place, please contact me directly.

April 17 – Candle shades

April 17

Today I’m giving away these shades that go over a lit candle.  There are little frames that they sit on but unfortunately, I can’t find them.  A long time ago, when we still said things like “shabby chic”, these were in fashion.  I love orange so mine were orange (even though they look red in the picture, which they aren’t).

I stuffed them in a dining room storage cupboard many years ago and forgot all about them.  I know the little frames will turn up eventually but in the meantime, they’re going in the Looney Tooney sale box for my nephew’s school.

April 9 – candle and candle holder…smelly

Apr 9


Today I’m giving away a scented candle and candle holder.  The candle smells a bit like cinnamon.  I don’t know how I came to have this, it must have been a gift.  The only scented candles I like are these.  They smelled like rich people houses and the proceeds went to an excellent cause.   I hope whoever gave it to me either doesn’t mind me giving it away or doesn’t see this and will never know.

It’s going in the Looney Tooney sale bin.


February 28 – Candle dish

Feb 28

Today I’m giving away this glass dish/plate for square candles.  I really liked this.  It held three square block candles and sat in a little window in my front hall for quite a long time.  The candles burned down long ago and I thought I’d be able to find new ones but haven’t and now I have something else in that spot.  It was a gift from my friend Anne who always finds nice things for your home.

It’s going in the Loonie/Toonie sale box.  I should say here that whenever someone comes to my house I give them a crack at anything they want in the Goodwill box or Loonie/Toonie sale box.  Amazingly about half of it goes out the door with a visiting friend or family member.  I’m happy about this.  It’s kind of like regifting but more transparent.


February 27 – Party napkins

Feb 27


Today I’m giving away these two unopened packs of dinner size paper napkins.  They are fine, there’s nothing wrong with them.  The pack on top is true to the colours in the picture, the one below is Christmas green, the only colour in the world  I really don’t like.  I’m not sure how it happened but I have about 8 packs of paper napkins and I never use them.  I like cloth napkins, you can throw them in the wash, they don’t fill up the recycling bin and they don’t waste paper.  I think they’re also nicer to your face and hands.  I must have bought these for something but I don’t remember.  They’re going in the Loonie/Toonie bin.

Thanks Fransi for the correct spelling of toonie.

February 4 – Beige napkins

Feb 4


Today I’m giving away beige napkins.  I’ve never like them.  Apart from being beige, they’re not 100% cotton and they have a weird texture.  I think they might have been the first cloth napkins I ever bought.  I don’t use paper napkins and have amassed a great collection of cloth ones that are nicer than these.  I have a napkin drawer and they’ve sat at the bottom of the pile since I can remember.  They just make the drawer feel smaller, so I’m giving them away.

I’ll put them in the Goodwill box.  Not everyone has an aversion to cotton blend.

January 30 – Large fruit/bread basket

Jan 30

Today I’m giving away this large basket.  It’s about two feet across, including the handles, so it does take up some room.  It’s in great shape, looks almost new, but I already have a version of this that is better for my cottage kitchen (the sides are more substantial so it holds more bread).  I think this was a donation from one of my sisters when I first got the cottage.  They really rallied to find furniture, kitchen gear, and linens so that I wouldn’t have to buy everything we needed all at once.  It worked great, almost everything was perfect and there were few duplicates, but after years trying to find a storage spot for this one, it needs to go.

I’m going to put it in the Goodwill box.  I thought of re-gifting it to a friend or family member but it really needs to be in a home with a large family who need to hold a lot of fruit or bread or something else.  None of my friends are really in that stage of life.

January 25 – Candles

Jan 25

Today I’m giving away pink and grey candles.  Remember pink and grey?  I think everyone I know in the 80’s had at least one room, somewhere in their home that was either pink and grey or peach and grey.  I had an old vintage pink velvet couch with silk fringe along the bottom, I loved it so much, and my walls were pale grey, then pale mint green – not sure what I was thinking.

I know I haven’t held onto these candles since way back then, I am pretty sure they were given to me about 10 or 12 years ago when I had  a pale yellow dining room and that’s why I never used them.  Normally with old candles I take them to the cottage but these are beautifully made (by hand) and might be more appreciated by someone who still has pink in their house.  Also, I have an overwhelming supply of cottage candles.

I’m putting them in the Goodwill box.

All caught up now.


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