Suspended – Too much stuff to write about

April 19

Today I’m giving away, a great many things…

Hi all, I have decided to move so I’m getting rid of too much stuff to post about.  I am afraid I won’t have time to take a picture of it all and post it over the next several months, I have to move too fast to be ready in time.  I’ve found some great recipients for my stuff though,

My family – of course…the sisters get first dibs on everything

My friends – I’ve reached out and although there aren’t that many who want my old junk, I’m trying to match supply with some specific demands there – I might get a few hits

My friends’ kids – I have a few offspring “new apartment” donations happening that I’m really happy about, I set up my first apartment at University with cast offs and vintage and loved that place as much as I’ve loved any home since

My cleaning lady’s church – they have a giant garage sale that funds a breakfast program for kids in their neighbourhood, pretty hard to do better than that

Goodwill – they help you unload your car and I like that they provide employment and are self funding

Garbage – I’ll try and limit the landfill but there is some stuff that no one wants, and I have some toxic waste (paint cans etc.)

I pledge that I will give away at least 256 more things.  That’s how many days there are left in the year.  I plan to give away at least that many things between now and next weekend.

I want to say thanks for all the encouragement, I’ve had such a great time hearing from some of you and plotting my weekly batch of stuff to get rid of.  It was partly this process that helped me finally reach a decision to move and I’m now really excited about it.  Ironically, I want to downsize and simplify on a bigger scale.  It was very interesting and satisfying to start getting rid of stuff and I’m impatient now to just get it all gone.

To that end, I’m looking for a condo with an excellent view, lots of natural light, low maintenance fees and good closets (I still like my shoes, what can I say!).  If you know of such a place, please contact me directly.

February 16 – Hole Punch

Feb 16


Today I gave away a hole punch.  This one’s a good one, but I have two.  I gave this to my sister who was here for a birthday celebration for she and her son (he of the map in yesterday’s post).  I knew she’d want it.  She runs a parenting centre and has two kids of her own so this is a useful tool.  I’m not sure how I came into the possession of two hole punches, they’re a singular type of product that you’re not likely to buy two of.  I used my other one just today, playing around with beautiful paper and trying to make something out of it.  I was partially successful.  My sister will put it to good use and my desk drawer will be a little less cluttered.


February 15 – World Map – laminated

Feb 15

Today I’m giving away a laminated map with dry erase marker.  I love maps.  Anyone who has worked with me knows I have had a map in my office, where ever that was, for the last 20 years.  I have a big old classroom map of Canada at the cottage that predates Thunder Bay – it still has Port Arthur and Fort William.  I bought this map because I loved the idea of writing all over it and then wiping it off, but I never used it.  In keeping with my birthday theme this year (giving something I made, something from my house, and/or an experience) I gave it to my nephew for his 10th birthday.  We celebrated it on Saturday night.  He also got a subscription to National Geographic and something I made.  I’m not always this educational, he got a Hobbit Lego set for Christmas.  He seemed pretty happy about it all.

I hope that he and his sister will be inspired to travel the world…

when they’re old enough.


January 26 – Travel postcards

Jan 26

Today I’m giving away these travel postcards.  They’re nice looking travel themed photos and images printed on cool postcards.  They were a birthday present several years ago.  The trouble is, I only send postcards to my niece and nephew, and I send them from the places I’m visiting, usually with cheesy photos of some landmark tourist site.  So these have sat on my shelf for years.

I’m giving them to my sister the artist.  If she can’t use any of the images in a collage or something, she can either regift them, or pass them on to one of her other artist friends to use.



January 23 – Bookmark

Jan 23

Today I’m giving away this bookmark.  It came in a Christmas cracker.  I swapped it with a young lad who celebrated Christmas with us and was about to go off to University.  He wanted my cracker prize which was a neat little pocket bottle opener.  Of course, if you were going off to university, would you rather have something for all of your books or something for all of your beer…Say no more.  As it happens, I already have a bookmark, made by my niece, that says “LOVE” and is covered in her doodles, that’s the bookmark for me.

I’m throwing it in the Goodwill box, maybe there is a student working there who is planning to spend more time with their books then their beer.

I should note that I had to go out of town so missed Wednesday and Thursday posts.  I’m catching up.

January 19 – Punk Marketing


Jan 19


Today I gave away this book, Punk Marketing.  I am pretty sure I got it at SXSW 2011.  I am not absolutely certain, but that is my best recollection. I think I read it at the time, when I flipped through it, it looked very familiar.  I have been a little obsessed for the last several years with the massive shift in marketing from traditional methods to much more participatory practices and customization (social media, content marketing, gamification, etc.).  I am a lifelong marketer, professionally and by natural inclination, so this curiousity has lead me to choose certain authors, choose seminars, helped me decide who to listen to and what to believe, and its informed how I work.

This was among many books of its ilk on my bookshelf.  Not what I would call seminal reading, but interesting.  I’m giving it away because my well-read neighbour expressed an interest in it, and in the spirit of this project, why not make this the January 19 give away.

Happy reading Brenda…

January 18 – Binders

Jan 18


Today I’m giving away two 3-ring binders in forest green (my least favourite colour) and black.  I used to have stacks and stacks of binders because I was on a few non-profit boards and they sent pre-reading in binders before every meeting so they stacked up pretty quickly.  I gave away almost all of them last year to various people who either worked for themselves, or taught school, or just liked to be very organized.  I held back two in case I wanted them but I don’t.  I have a great white binder for all of my recipes and no interest in putting anything else into a binder.

In the picture it looks like there is a mark on the green binder, but I think it’s just a shadow or the texture of the vinyl, there are no marks.  I’m putting them in the Goodwill box.

January 10 – Blackberry cover

Jan 10


Today I’m giving away a leather blackberry cover.  I have gone over to the dark side and am now and iPhone user.  I have to say ,I’m not as big a convert as I thought I would be.  I just use my phone much differently now.  When I had a Blackberry I sent and received 100’s of emails a day, most days.  I don’t do that with the  iPhone, I can’t.  The absence of a keyboard makes me so much slower that it’s better to just wait and get in front of a computer when I have a lot of email.  On the other hand, I use my phone browser constantly on the iPhone where I just wouldn’t bother with the Berry.  Blackberry browsers are ridiculous they’re so slow and useless.  I wish the BB10 had come out sooner, and with a keyboard, I understand they’ve improved the web experience, because I wanted to support RIM even if they didn’t deserve it.  It’s too bad, now I am disappointed in both Apple and RIM.

All my Berry using friends already have cases so I’ll put this in the Goodwill box.

January 6 – Creative Suite 2

jan 6


Today I’m giving away this manual (several hundred pages) on Adobe Creative Suite 2.  I was inspired by yesterday’s give away and all the things that I said about yesterday’s book are true of this one.  It’s good but probably quite out of date for anyone with new software but I’ll check with my sister on both books.

Off it goes…

January 5 – Photoshop 5 For Dummies

Jan 5

Today I’m giving away this book on Photoshop 5.  I thought this was pretty helpful about 7 years ago when I was doing some work in Photoshop for a little personal publishing business I had with my friend and checked it regularly – that’s why it’s a little dog-eared and bookmarked.  I never use Photoshop now, besides I think we’re probably up to version 12 or something making this possibly quite obsolete.  My friend and I also no longer run our little company, which had a terrible business model resulting in many many hours of work for no money. Also, the photo software that came on my computer now does most of the things I was using Photoshop for.

For anyone with old software on their computer (I’m thinking about my sister who I gave my old laptop to) this might come in handy so I’ll give it to her, but if she’s not interested it will go to Goodwill.

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