January 17 – Perfume Sample

Jan 17

Today I’m giving away this perfume sample.  Okay, I know that this maybe doesn’t even qualify as a give away, but I’m a little pressed for time, I’ve already put this in the bag and I had a photo of it.  It’s another stocking stuffer from my SE Asia trip.  It is a sample of a fragrance that is actually pretty nice, even though it has two names, Blu Mediterraneo and Bergamotto Di Calabria, but all fragrance makes my throat close so I don’t wear it.  I think it can be a nice subtle surprise, especially when you’re in a romantic situation, but it doesn’t work for me.  I cough.

Someone else will smell sweet and have a nice little surprise for their amour.  I’m adding this to the New Circles bag.

January 8 – Bag of cassette tapes

Jan 8


Today I’m giving away a bag of cassette tapes.  I thought about cheating and making this about 100 things, but really it’s only worth one entry.  I haven’t played a cassette tape since my tape player broke, oh about 6 years ago.  I am going to miss some of these.  I’ve downloaded most of my CDs to digital files, but I can’t do anything about the content on these tapes.  You’ll see there are a few books-on-tape in the mix.  I’m a big fan of audiobooks.  I listen to them in the car, on the drive to and from the cottage.  My favourites are memoirs read by the subject but I also love a good mystery or spy thriller.  The drive goes so quickly when you are being told a good story.

I recommend the memoirs of Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Anderson Cooper, Dorris Kearns Goodwin’s book on Lincoln (although it’s very long), and anything by David Sedaris or Bill Bryson.

I tried giving these and some old video tapes to the library around the corner but they don’t accept anything on tape.  I also tried giving them to my brother in law because he likes analogue music, but he had recently given away all of his tapes too.  I’m sending them off to the Goodwill.  Maybe someone has an old tape player that still works.  Goodbye Roche Sisters.


January 5 – Photoshop 5 For Dummies

Jan 5

Today I’m giving away this book on Photoshop 5.  I thought this was pretty helpful about 7 years ago when I was doing some work in Photoshop for a little personal publishing business I had with my friend and checked it regularly – that’s why it’s a little dog-eared and bookmarked.  I never use Photoshop now, besides I think we’re probably up to version 12 or something making this possibly quite obsolete.  My friend and I also no longer run our little company, which had a terrible business model resulting in many many hours of work for no money. Also, the photo software that came on my computer now does most of the things I was using Photoshop for.

For anyone with old software on their computer (I’m thinking about my sister who I gave my old laptop to) this might come in handy so I’ll give it to her, but if she’s not interested it will go to Goodwill.


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