February 27 – Party napkins

Feb 27


Today I’m giving away these two unopened packs of dinner size paper napkins.  They are fine, there’s nothing wrong with them.  The pack on top is true to the colours in the picture, the one below is Christmas green, the only colour in the world  I really don’t like.  I’m not sure how it happened but I have about 8 packs of paper napkins and I never use them.  I like cloth napkins, you can throw them in the wash, they don’t fill up the recycling bin and they don’t waste paper.  I think they’re also nicer to your face and hands.  I must have bought these for something but I don’t remember.  They’re going in the Loonie/Toonie bin.

Thanks Fransi for the correct spelling of toonie.

February 4 – Beige napkins

Feb 4


Today I’m giving away beige napkins.  I’ve never like them.  Apart from being beige, they’re not 100% cotton and they have a weird texture.  I think they might have been the first cloth napkins I ever bought.  I don’t use paper napkins and have amassed a great collection of cloth ones that are nicer than these.  I have a napkin drawer and they’ve sat at the bottom of the pile since I can remember.  They just make the drawer feel smaller, so I’m giving them away.

I’ll put them in the Goodwill box.  Not everyone has an aversion to cotton blend.


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