April 17 – Candle shades

April 17

Today I’m giving away these shades that go over a lit candle.  There are little frames that they sit on but unfortunately, I can’t find them.  A long time ago, when we still said things like “shabby chic”, these were in fashion.  I love orange so mine were orange (even though they look red in the picture, which they aren’t).

I stuffed them in a dining room storage cupboard many years ago and forgot all about them.  I know the little frames will turn up eventually but in the meantime, they’re going in the Looney Tooney sale box for my nephew’s school.

February 18 – Wee cushion

Feb 18


Today I’m giving away this little cushion, it’s about 9″x9″.  It’s meant to go on a bed with a bunch of other decorative cushions.  I may have bought it, but I can’t remember, it would have been a long time ago.  It was at the back of my linen closet behind a bunch of towels and other things.  I suppose I could use the form and recover it, but it’s really small and I don’t want anything quite that dainty.  I put it in the Goodwill box.

Even decorative things should have some purpose.

Catching up because I was out in the awesome sunshine all day yesterday.

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