Mar 10 – Sunshine Award Addendum – Additional nominations


Hi,  I didn’t have a full list of nominees when I first posted on this subject but I was in a hurry to get it up so went with an incomplete list.  I can’t imagine how I missed these two.  Probably because I think of them more as Facebook posts than blog posts, but I have two more nominees who need to be included.  They are thoughtful, engaging, really entertaining and motivating.

Blogwhatblog by Heidi Tee.  Heidi is funny, clever and original.  Her posts will help you see life through a different filter.  She’s a really great writer too.

Adteachings by Suzanne Pope.  Suzanne finds lessons for all of us and is a great source on advertising and marketing.  She has a unique voice and a fantastic sense of humour.

Both of these women are part of why I still check Facebook on a regular basis.  They make me laugh and laugh.  I almost never see either of them in person, but I really enjoy the wit they inject into my online experience.  A warm thanks to you both and if you don’t know each other, I hope you start checking out each other’s posts.

Please see my March 5 post on the Sunshine Award to see the guidelines you need to follow to accept the award.




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